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Inception Designs was formed after Simon's departure from KEE Action Sports \ Empire in 2013, where he served as Vice President of Engineering, Research and Development.

Having been born out of necessity for a paradigm shift in paintball; Inception Designs lead by Simon seeks to revolutionize innovation in paintball by offering performance enhancements and products that are new, exciting, highly functional, and made right here in the USA.

Simon grew up in Stratford Upon Avon, UK--enjoying a successful college career as a rugby player until dislocating both shoulders in his final year at University of Sussex--where he later graduated with honors in Mechanical Engineering. Playing paintball for the first time at age 16, Simon spent most of his early career designing, developing, and patenting the innovations that would later serve as major advancements in the sport of paintball--primarily relating to force feed loaders, air valves, regulators, and goggle systems. Simon moved to the USA in 2003, for NPS (National Paintball Supply), to follow his dreams of working in the paintball industry.

His innovations in the design and manufacture of paintball gear have led to the issuance of 11 patents, with some of the most important being the Projectile Feed System (considered to be the first true "forcfeed" paintball loading system), and Valve for Air Tank--the first cylinder valve system in paintball that works to relieve the pressure in a cylinder should the valve become unscrewed inadvertently.

Simon hopes to encourage the development of new, innovative paintball equipment and offer the finest gear for paintball athletes that is made right here in America. Every order on this site is handled personally by Inception Design staff.

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